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Recent short stories in German

Improve your German by reading short stories. It's a fun way to learn a language with real-life texts. Below you'll find our most recent short stories.

plants for the living room
Secret recipe from an italian grandma
Science competition at school
mosquitoes when trying to sleep
istambul bazaars
flat hunting in the city
big waves, fasten your seatbelt
chasing chickens in the fields
not enough chairs at the party
boat was stolen while eating
Flu before the olympics
Friends visit my new city
Pink floyd concert
sailing the city river
water leaks in the bathroom
pen and paper
Rain rain come my way
A wine tasting experience
Horse riding through the river
woops wrong flat
Science presentation at school
The flower market
Flying with a toddler
Basketball player gets stronger
Beach trip with a toddler
Please try my pizza
Starry night in the desert
nordic wedding
Grandma made gnocchi
Germany shocks the the world
Back together in Mallorca
Doner macht schoner in Berlin
Safari in the Königssee area
Hedeby, the viking village
You are not made of sugar
The lost bathing suit in Brandenburg
Counting change
Quiet time in Germany
A marzipan from Lübeck
Tim and Max try out for the football team
Tim and Max go to the football try outs
Anna's journey in her new neighborhood
Anna's first bakery experience in Germany.
Pierre, the fisherman, and his successful day at sea
An unexpected walk in the forest

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